NEW Mobile Refrigerated Local Foods Trailer

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👀We have some EXCITING programs in the works at the N.C. Cooperative Extension, Hyde County Center!!

Through the generous support from the Beaufort-Hyde Unrestricted Fund, a component of the North Carolina Community Foundation, we are building a mobile refrigerated local foods trailer! We thank Beaufort-Hyde Community Foundation and NC Community Foundation for their gracious support in our endeavor. This will allow us to safely store gleaned produce, accept & transport venison donations, and more – to help with food insecurity right here in Hyde County!!
Step 1: Trailer purchased and delivered from a local retailer, A&W Sales/Howell’s Mercantile
Step 2: Start acquiring everything else!

Mobile refrigerated local foods trailer

For more detail, read on!

This mobile refrigerated trailer will be used by N.C. Cooperative Extension in Hyde County. It will safely store gleaned produce (at 32-40°F) before donating to our community. This trailer uses CoolBot temperature technology to maximize output of a basic window AC unit to maintain this cooler temperature. It combines the mobility of a cargo trailer with chilling capabilities of a commercial cooler. Grant funding will be used to aid in the purchase of necessary equipment and materials in building the refrigerated local foods trailer. We want to thank a local couple who contributed additional funding to meet the full requested amount!

Minimal expenses will be needed after the initial build, making sustainability very simple to maintain in subsequent years. This trailer will also be used during winter months/hunting season to store and/or transport donated wild game, as allowed. It may also be able to aid in the Wild Game Harvest Preservation Series (information on that to come soon!!). Additionally, our Agriculture Agent, Andrea Gibbs, will be able to use this trailer in spring months to transport and store research plot seed, with proper sanitizing between all uses! We can even use this as a guide for others in the local area who intend to build similar models! To read more about the original trailer created by NC State University, visit Plants for Human Health Institute. Their Pack ‘N Cool trailer was constructed at 5’x8′, and we have decided to go with a 6’x10’. Exact quantities will be larger for our build because of this, and we are happy to share our information after the build!

Pack 'N Cool trailer

Pack ‘N Cool trailer, 5’x8’ size (August 2012)
Plants for Human Health Institute, NC State University

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