Garden Yoga With Miss CatieJo

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Need a brain break while adjusting to your new routine? Check out our first FCS video of Garden Yoga with Miss CatieJo for a simple activity to do with your kiddos!

We’re all adjusting and figuring out a new routine right now, and we could all use a little change every now and then. While this is geared more toward younger children, joining in with the kids in your life and encouraging older children to participate is one way to help alleviate some of those stresses and have a little family time!! So, find a little bit of space (inside, porch, yard) and open up that video link for a good laugh and intro to yoga!

Let us know what other topics you would like to see in subsequent videos.

Image of woman doing yoga

Visit Childhood101 for a copy of the Garden Yoga for Kids poster! A copy of this is included at the end of the video as well.