Respirator Fit Testing Information

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Medical Clearance & Respirator Fit Testing

Don’t forget the changes to the Worker Protection Standard that went into effect in 2017! You must obtain medical clearance and be fit tested every year if you use any pesticide that requires respiratory protection. According to the new Worker Protection Standard, When a respirator is required by product labeling applicators must complete a medical evaluation and be fit tested annually. The employer must train the applicators on the specific use of the respirator and maintain records of the training for two years.”  This includes dust mist respirators. Many products require use of a respirator, some examples are: Gramoxone (Paraquat), Orthene (Acephate), Direx (Diuron), Folex, and many more. Pesticide inspectors will be looking for respirators & respirator fit test certificates during random inspections.

The Respirator Fit Testing Guidelines publication provides all the information you need to know about medical clearance, fit testing, and the required training for employees.

The Hyde County Health Department (252.926.4399) has agreed to provide medical clearance and respirator fit testing!

  1. Fill out the Respirator_Medical_Clearance_Questionnaire
  2. Obtain medical clearance from your doctor or by making an appointment at the Hyde County Health Department.
  3. Call the Hyde County Health Department (252.926.4399) and make an appointment to be respirator fit tested.

Keep your fit test card and whatever type of respirator you were fit tested in on the farm & use it any time you spray products that require respirator protection.