Certified Safe Farm of NC

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Certified Safe Farm of NC

What is Certified Safe Farm?

Certified Safe Farm is a program that was developed and proven effective through a decade of research by Iowa’s Center for Agricultural Safety and Health. During 2009-2012 the programs were adapted to NC agriculture through a pilot program funded by the NC Tobacco Trust Fund Commission. As we all know, farming is a very dangerous occupation. Agriculture has the highest death rate of any other industry, 8 times the average! It has been shown that farmers have more lung health problems, higher rates of some cancers, high blood pressure, and obesity. Certified Safe Farm helps bring light to equipment, structures, and unsafe practices that you may not realize are there or have put off fixing.

Certified Safe Farm brings together:
-On-Farm Safety Reviews
-Occupational Health Screenings by AgriSafe
-Incentives – $$$

Certified Safe Farm Benefits
-Lower insurance costs
-Lower health costs
-Fewer injuries
-Better health
-Fewer lost work days
A safer farm for yourself, your family, & your employees​

How Do I Become a Certified Safe Farm?

1. Schedule an On-Farm Safety Review with Extension

*Voluntary, non-regulatory

*One-on-one visit

*Conducted by Extension Agents with safety training (ME!)

We follow a safety checklist that scores each area of the farm. As we walk around the farm with you, we look at your equipment, storage structures, livestock structures (following biosecurity), machine shop and repair areas, and greenhouses.

2. Complete a Comprehensive Health Screening

This health screening is conducted by an AgriSafe nurse that looks at the health issues that are most common among farmers, and considers the types of on-the-job exposures you may have. The health screening is low-cost – only $10/person – a fraction of the actual cost of about $200. Depending on your assessment, the nurse may recommend that you follow-up with your doctor. The nurse can also help you with respirator fit testing.

3. Make Safety & Health Improvement: Apply for Cost-Share Funds!! $$$

A simple, one page cost-share application is available to help you make the recommended safety or health improvements that are most important to you. The maximum cost-share from the NC Tobacco Trust Fund grant is $500.

4. Proudly display your sign!

After completing the program with a safety score of 85% or higher a heavy duty outdoor sign with your farm name on it will be provided.

For more information visit https://appliedecology.cals.ncsu.edu/certified-safe-farm/

If you have any questions or would like to participate, contact Andrea Gibbs.

Andrea Gibbs